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It's that time of year again! Show your love and support for your beloved Queen by either voting or donating towards their pageant journey. You have two options to do this: the first is to vote through the link above, which is strictly for People's Choice, while the second is through the link below. Every vote through the below link counts as one dollar, and each dollar will be considered as one vote. Delegates have the option of using funds raised through the link below to for either people's choice or gain sponsors, which will help them cover their pageant entry fees, ad page fee, or fundraising requirements. Keep in mind that voting for People's Choice will end on April 7th, so don't hesitate to support your favorite Queen! Additionally, please note that the winner of the People's Choice award will be crowned Miss Palmetto Pride Plus America 2024. On pageant night, you can also vote in person. Remember, votes collected through the previous link will be added to the delegates' final vote count.

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The South Carolina Plus America Pageant is an official preliminary pageant to the Miss Plus America Pageant.

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